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Zooper Zydeco Stroller
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Average Rating based on 7 Reviews
Overall Grade  8.86/10  (8.86)

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Overall Grade  8.60/10  (8.60)

Last Update: November 10, 2010
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(Review ID: 157)
9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
Large and in charge!, June 10, 2005
Reviewer: lmariana from Marietta, GA
lmariana saw things this way
Overall Grade   8.00/10  (8)

Pros: Reversible seat, plush fabrics, free accessories
Cons: Large, heavy, large, heavy...

I bought the 2004 Zydeco to use as our outdoor/all-terrain stroller. I was really happy with the Zydeco's suspension and the seat was nice and springy on tough terrain. The steering was good and definitely one-handed on smooth surfaces, and the reversible seat option is fabulous for an all-terrain stroller.

If you're looking for a good stroller for walks and outdoor use, I would recommend the Zydeco ONLY if you can leave it assembled in a garage or something. However, if you need to fold your stroller to transport or store it, keep on lookin' because the Zydeco has one huge fold!

You can fold the Zydeco as a one or two-piece stroller. You can get it a little smaller as a two-piece fold, but honestly, it's still huge. With all the other great all-terrains on the market, the Zydeco's size really impairs it against the competition.

Some awesome PROS of the Zydeco... 1) Super plush seat with cozy toes stroller boot included- it feels like a mini down bed! 2) Suspension seat gives your babe a smooth ride on any surface 3) Generous basket size 4) Adjustable handlebar 5) Lockable front swivel wheel is controlled by the handlebar, so you don't have to bend down to lock your wheel 6) Free accessories including raincover, mosquito/sun shade, tire pump, and cozy toes 7) Solid construction 8) Backed by Zooper's awesome customer service

Bottom Line... If you can store this stroller without folding it and don't plan on packing it up in the car often, the Zydeco is a great consideration. It's a wonderful value for the price, and you really get a high-quality product. However, if you like to take your ATS in the car more than once a week or you have a sedan, you'll find the Zydeco's size completely overwhelming. Don't plan on using this one indoors.
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(Review ID: 703)
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Almost the perfect stroller, February 16, 2006
Reviewer: sysorens from Indianapolis, IN
sysorens saw things this way
Overall Grade   9.00/10  (9)

Pros: Great on all terrains
Cons: Size

I love this stroller. I has been perfect for the zoo, local children's museum, parks and neighborhood walks. Very easy to manuver, my daughter is always comfortable, and it is easy to recline when she is tired. It was especially great for walks when she was a newborn because the seat reversed and fully reclined to make a great carriage.

The only con I had with this stroller was its size. The weight never bothered me, but it took up more than half of the back of my Outback wagon. Most of the time this wasn't a problem, but we travel quite a bit and not much else will fit in the car with the stroller. So I did purchase a Chicco C5 that stays in the car.
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(Review ID: 177)
17 of 18 people found the following review helpful:
SO glad we purchased this amazing stroller!!!!, June 11, 2005
Reviewer: Mamma2004 from Massachusetts
Mamma2004 saw things this way
Overall Grade   10.00/10  (10)

Pros: Weather never keeps us from taking a walk with our Zydeco!
Cons: It is big and somewhat heavy to lift in and out of the car.

I wasn't sure whether we should spend nearly $400 on a stroller when there was so much necessary gear left to purchase. A friend who no longer needed her stroller gave us her Pliko and we were so grateful. Instead of keeping us from buying the Zooper, though, it actually made it easier. I now keep the Pliko in my SUV and use it exclusively for errands, whereas DS and I enjoy our 1-8 mile walks around town with the Zooper!

The price can be misleading because the Zydeco comes with ***everything***. It can accommodate an infant car seat, though with full recline we never needed it; we just put DS flat and rolled blankets to place around him when he was really tiny. The seat is even reversible so that DC can face you. The Zydeco comes with a sun shield (not PROTECTIVE but it does help to shade DS and it keeps the bugs out), a rain shield (kept at least ONE of us dry in a downpour!), a boot (warm like a great sleeping bag, it envelops his toes and even his torso so he does not suffer in the cold). The basket is generous enough to hold diapers, wipes, snacks, extra water bottles, toys AND it still allows a trip to the grocery store for bread and produce.

The chassis is well padded and seems incredibly comfortable. Best of all, the Zydeco has a fabulous suspension system that truly keeps DS from feeling those jarring bumps when the neighbors don't clear their sidewalks in the winter and we end up going over peaks and valleys of ice. The parental beverage carrier is mesh and attaches right to the comfy handlebar. It works quite well and lets condensation drip right through on those hot summer days.

Negatives? I am always looking for improvements. I would really like a UV shield. In addition, when we move DS from full or partial recline to an upright position, the safety straps become very loose and just dangle, enabling him to easily slide his little arms out of it. This is not to say that he is not restrained because the lap belt is still securely in place. I just wish the harness would self-adjust somehow when we move the seat to a vertical position.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this amazing stroller and even after seeing others on the market, my husband and I would purchase the Zooper Zydeco again. We are very satisfied!
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(Review ID: 512)
10 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
Big & heavy but AWESOME!, October 4, 2005
Reviewer: chicagojo
chicagojo saw things this way
Overall Grade   9.00/10  (9)

Pros: Very plush, great storage basket, wonderful canopy
Cons: It's HEAVY!

I own a 2004 Zydeco that I bought new a little over a year ago for just under $400. As mentioned in other reviews, the Zydeco comes with a lot of great accessories, including rainshield, full padded boot, sunshield (which turned out to be pretty useless IMHO since it doesn't offer UV protection), tire pump, and straps to attach an infant carseat. So consider that when making price comparisons.

What do I love about this stroller?

1) It's very easy to push and steer (despite its weight, which I'll get into in a minute)

2) DD seems very comfortable in it thanks to all the padding and great suspension

3) The storage basket is huge and can hold a lot - I'm not sure if the mfgr has weight limit recommendations, but I frequently fit a gallon of milk, 2 quarts of OJ, other assorted groceries AND my diaper bag in the basket with no problem

4) The canopy fully adjusts and can shield DD from the sun better than any other stroller we own

5) When DD was smaller, the reversible seat feature was nice (note, however, that you can't reverse the seat while the child is sitting in it, so mid-stroll switches are pretty much a 2-person job unless your little one is able to stand up on his/her own for a few minutes without running off while you pop the seat off & on)

6) I like the way it looks - we've gotten tons of compliments on it.

7) In over a year of heavy daily use, we haven't had anything go wrong with it. When I had a few initial questions, Zooper CS was very helpful.

8) The seat fully reclines from completely flat all the way to a right angle with the seat and it's easy to adjust the seat recline while DD is sitting in the stroller.

9) It's very easy to clean - I just use the dustbuster to get rid of snack crumbs and wet wipes to clean up any other messes and the fabric still looks like new

And the cons?

1) The main con is the weight. This is one heavy stroller. Don't buy it if you need to carry it up and down stairs on a regular basis. I also wouldn't recommend it for regular in&out of the car use. I have managed to fit it into the trunk of a Honda Civic by removing the seat and folding it separately, but there wasn't much room in the trunk for anything else. I usually drive an SUV and fitting it in there is no problem, but due to the weight I still wouldn't want to haul it in and out of the car every day.

2) It doesn't come with a parent or child cup holder. Then again, neither do most high-end strollers. I attached a Babu cupholder and that's worked out fine.

3) I've never found a way to get the straps to adjust tight enough when the seat is in the full-upright position. DD is a smallish 19 month old and the sholder straps still fall right off her shoulders, even when they are adjusted as tight as they go. The lap belt part of the harness, however, adjusts very securely.

4) I don't know what it is about the buckle on the harness, but I've pinched my fingers in there more times than I can count (which hasn't been a problem w/any other buckling baby item we own).

5) I had hoped it would be easier to push on surfaces like grass and sand. It does ok on grass, but pretty much sinks in sand - again, the weight issue.

6) Occasionally the front wheel slips from swivel into fixed position on its own. I think this is a flaw of the 2004 model year and may not be an issue with newer Zydecos.

A few other issues/points of clarification:

1) People often approach me on the street and ask if it's possible to jog with the Zydeco. The answer is, no. It's MUCH too heavy to push while running at anything more than a snail's pace and 12" wheels are really too small for a running stroller anyway. On the other hand, with the front wheel in the fixed position, I have run a few blocks with the stroller when in a hurry to get somewhere, etc.

2) Due to the weight factor, I wouldn't recommend this as a "one and only" stroller for anyone who plans to take their stroller in and out of the car more than once a month or so.

3) I've heard that the new 2006 Zydecos are going to be lighter. I'm not sure how much lighter that means, but shaving off any weight would be a great improvement.

All in all, I really love this stroller. It's perfect for my needs (long city neighborhood walks that often involve going into stores and other places where a jogger couldn't maneuver) and I think the price was decent once you factor in all the accessories that you'd pay extra for with some other similar strollers. I would definitely buy it again.
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(Review ID: 893)
5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
love it, but..., June 13, 2006
Reviewer: Anonymous
Anonymous saw things this way
Overall Grade   8.00/10  (8)

Pros: cushy, big, smooth, carrycot, reversible seat
Cons: not the best steering

I bought a 2005 used on craigslist for $225, then i paid another $45 to buy the carrycot directly from zooper. Initially, because i live on the second floor, i thought i couldn't get a three wheeler. But after months of pushing a maclaren up my giant hill, i was ready for something better. I bought the zooper and i keep it locked up on the front porch. I do love this stroller, but there are some drawbacks- I bought it mainly for the reversible seat, but found that my 25 pound 10 month old was too heavy for the reverse position. I also don't think its steering is top notch. Even after inflating the wheels numerous times, i cannot push the stroller one handed unless we are on perfectly flat ground. Any sort of slant pushes the stroller to the side. And even when i lock the wheel, it still veers to one side. I've tried adjusting it, to no avail. And there is no qualified repair shop around. Other strollers i've tried, like the phil and teds or mountain buggy, push much more easily. This one always requires a bit of muscle. But- the good- the stroller is comfy for the baby and works well indoors and out. The swivel wheel is great. The full recline is great. The carycot is great, and I hope to use it for my next baby instead of a bassinet/moses basket. No other three wheeler on the market (other than the valco rebel, also heavy) reverses, and i absolutely want to see my baby when we're out for long walks. I like the removable back fabric piece that allows me to see the baby in the summer and makes it cozy for him in the winter. I love the boot. All the accessories and features make the cost of the stroller worthwhile in comparison with other comparable strollers.
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