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Million Dollar Baby
Review and rate Million Dollar Baby cribs and furniture. Be sure to note which model/style number you are reviewing!
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Overall Grade  7.67/10  (7.67)

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Overall Grade  6.77/10  (6.77)

Last Update: October 4, 2010
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(Review ID: 493)
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
Pleased with assembled crib, assembly a bit of a headache, September 25, 2005
Reviewer: Shaughn from CA, Bay Area
Shaughn saw things this way
Overall Grade   8.00/10  (8)

Pros: Nice piece for the price
Cons: assembly was a challenge

We purchased the Anastasia crib for $389 (incl. CA tax) from a well regarded local baby store.

The crib arrived about 2 weeks earlier than the store had indicated, which was a nice surprise. The pieces were well packaged, and arrived to us in very good condition.

Overall, we are delighted with the crib, and very pleased with how it looks in the room - our baby hasn't arrived yet, so this review isn't as hands on as it could be!

Assembly of the crib was something of a challenge. The first issue came up in the first step of the instructions, when we discovered that the pre-drilled holes in the headboard, were not deep enough to accept the screws for the drawer guides. Not a huge issue, but irritating. We ended up just drilling proper holes, but were annoyed, since the first page of the instructions has the warning, "Do not use electric drills or power screw drivers" in bold type. (we found that ignoring this particular advice made things go much smoother and faster!!)

The instructions were also not clear in terms of the best way to install the drawer guides on the drawer to make sure that the drawer front doesn't interfere with the drop side. Fortunately, the guides are drilled into the particle board sides of the drawer, so this fix was pretty easy to make.

Another irritating item - step 11 of the directions recommends you use a piece of the cardboard packing material in between your mattress and the metal spring frame - not a bad idea, but a warning on the cardboard box would have saved us a trip back to the dumpster to retreive it, as we'd already thrown out the packaging materials before we began assembly.

Now that it's put together, the crib looks great, and feels very sturdy. The drop side isn't as quiet as I remember it being in the store, but that could well be an assembly issue on our part, which we'll investigate before the baby gets here. Assembly challenges aside, we're pleased with the piece and confident that it will meet our needs nicely for several years.
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(Review ID: 1751)
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Outstanding value for safety and function, December 6, 2008
Reviewer: Chitownmommy from Chicago, IL
Chitownmommy saw things this way
Overall Grade   9.00/10  (9)

Pros: Price, size, fast shipping, functionality, safety
Cons: scratches easily

I am EXTREMELY happy about my purchase. We bought the Da Vinci Roxanne Crib & 5-level dresser in Espresso from BRU. I knew going into my purchase that this was an online retailer only and saw that Baby Bargains marked it down due to customer service issues mainly. We are working with an extremely small room for the nursery (converted office) and we needed the least amount of furniture with maximum storage and MDB provided this for an excellent price! The dresser has 7 deep drawers and we also use the drawer under the crib as well.

The item was originally out of stock on BRU, so I waited until it came back in stock before I placed my order. The wood is a beautiful color and my husband did not have much trouble putting it together. It is very sturdy and the perfect size for a small room. The wood does scratch easily, so we were extra careful, but at the end of the day its baby furniture, its going to get scratched.

The crib is very study and safe and the dresser is as well. Nothing wobbles or feels shaky at all. The crib had all the safety, functionality (& much needed additional storage) that I wanted and needed.

Overall this was an excellent value and fulfilled all my safety and functional concerns.
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(Review ID: 1259)
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Emily Crib in Black, March 22, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous
Anonymous saw things this way
Overall Grade   10.00/10  (10)

Pros: Sturdy, attractive, quick delivery, great customer service
Cons: Poorly written assembly instructions

Although I had read mixed review of Million Dollar Baby, I have been genuinely impressed with the Emily Crib in black. We purchased this crib through the Babies R Us website for $229 (although it is sold under the Da Vinci name on BRU). This is the best price by far I found on the Emily Crib. Babies R Us also provided the lowest shipping price of approximately $35.

The crib arrived in less than two weeks. The instructions were poorly written, but it only took my husband about an hour to assemble. The crib is very sturdy - sturdier than many of the more expensive cribs we had seen in stores.

The only problem we had with the crib was some minor scratching and denting on one of the crib rails. It wasn't too noticable, but I decided to see if Babies R Us would give us a replacement part. Babies R Us was no help at all - they said they do not handle replacement parts, could not contact the manufacturer on our behalf, and did not have contact information to give us. I decided to go to Million Dollar Baby directly. Their website has a section where you can email a request for a replacement part. I received a response to my email within 3 days, and Million Dollar Baby agreed to send a replacement rail for no additional charge. The replacement rail arrived about two weeks later.

Overall, I am very impressed with both the quality of the crib as well as the great customer service I received from MDB.
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(Review ID: 1001)
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Still waiting for backordered crib; poor communcation, August 21, 2006
Reviewer: Jaliebean from Austin, TX
Jaliebean saw things this way
Overall Grade   3.00/10  (3)

Pros: Price
Cons: Poor customer service

I decided to purchase the Emily crib (in coffee) despite the book's warnings about customer service, through a local store called Once Upon a Child. The price was good--$324 plus tax. I also decided to get the bed rails for $52, since it's a convertible. The Once Upon a Child management said they'd never had any problems with Million Dollar Baby's customer service and highly recommended them. I purchased a color sample of the wood from the MDB site, which helped. I was told by the store's manager that MDB had the crib I wanted in my color in stock, so it would probably take less than the promised 4-5 weeks. I called at about 3 1/2 weeks, and the manager said that all was on schedule, but they were waiting on the side rails I'd ordered. Then, I got a call from another manager a couple of weeks later saying that the coffee color cribs were on backorder, and had been for several months. He said that someone at MDB shipping told him that. None of the MDB salespeople were telling the Once Upon a Child salespeople this (or someone was lying to me). They are now predicting the crib will be ready for shipment between August 24-27, which is 8 weeks from when I ordered. Given the other review I read about backordered products and this merchant, I really have my doubts. If it isn't in by the end of this month, I may see if I can get my deposit back. I'm glad I didn't pay in full, although the store encouraged me to do that. I am extremely frustrated with the lack of accurate communication. I highly recommend putting the MINIMUM down on a crib when ordering--at least I'm only out $81 right now.
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(Review ID: 958)
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
excellent crib, August 10, 2006
Reviewer: leonard from Eagle Rock, CA
leonard saw things this way
Overall Grade   10.00/10  (10)

Pros: sturdy and quality finish
Cons: instructions could be better

We purchased a crib from a local dealer who said it would be dlivered in about a week. We then found out that it was on back order. The customer service people at Million Dollar Baby went out of their way to find one at another store and had it transfered for us. Great products and really nice people.
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